baths help heal itchy dogs

Simple Drug Free Solution for Itchy, Allergic Dogs

Christie Keith has a wonderful, indepth article on a simple, drug free solution to help itchy, uncomfortable pets become happier, healthier and itch free. Itchy dogs are one of the most common complaints we are asked about about at Pet Outfitters.

Dogs who itch and have infected ears, dogs who rub their faces, dogs who constantly chew their feet – all signs of atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin related allergic condition that makes both pets and owners miserable. I hear from owners have tried everything, from food changes or prednisone, to thousands of dollars worth of allergy testing, all with no success. As Christie points out in her article, these owners are not alone:

Veterinary Pet Insurance, the nation’s largest pet health insurance provider, reports that skin conditions are the top three reasons dog owners head for the veterinarian’s office.

That’s why it feels great to be able to offer them a simple, effective, drug free option to help itchy pets heal – BATHS!

Frequent bathing – and “frequent” is the key word, with an initial round of baths suggested once daily – removes the topical allergens and bacteria that can cause pets such misery. Additionally, this helps to heal the skin’s barrier, and to make antibiotic resistant bacteria both less numerous, and more responsive to topical treatments.

I’m not just suggesting this based on the article, either – daily baths have turned one of my own dogs from an itchy mess into a happy dog with a soft, glowing coat.
Read Christie’s article below, and come and see us in store for suggestions on shampoos that are gentle enough for regular use, and daily sprays that can help keep allergens under control.

When food changes aren’t enough, remember: Try SUDS, not DRUGS!